The Great Potato Harvest of 2012

by: Cheryl Kollin

Despite record temperatures, the great potato harvest of 2012 produced 11 lbs. of pontiac red and yukon gold potatoes from the Mishnah Garden.

Linda Kacser was this week’s harvest host, who shared her experience as she and others gathered veggies for donation to Manna Food Center. “It was a fun, new experience, rooting around in the rich soil looking for delinquent potatoes, and peering under leaves for squash and zucchini treasures.”

Elise Caplan reports on the harvest tallies so far this season, which is just getting underway:

banana peppers = 1/2 lb (woohoo!),

yellow squash = 2.4 lbs,

zucchini = 5.8 lbs
Donation of leafy greens of some type from a member = 2 lbs
Total = 21.7 lbs

Report from June 23 from Gail Fisher who took the stuff to Manna = 10lbs (kale, string beans and zucchini)

Grand total so far = 31.7 lbs.

And the season’s harvest is just beginning. We seek harvest hosts for 20 minutes each Shabbat morning to pick veggies for a taste at Oneg and to donate to Manna. Contact Jackie Glass to sign up and she’ll give you all the details. You can also bring extra veggies from your garden, washed and bagged from home to donate. Look for the bin at the back of the social hall at the oneg.  Contact Elise Caplan, who drives weekly donations to Manna  if you have any questions.


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