Marking Our Grounds

Derekh Ha’etz-Way of the Tree

by: Sara Sennett

The beginning of our Nature trail around our synagogue that will mark our outside space as sacred as our inside space has literally been anchored to the ground this past weekend at the site of Gan Hakavod, the area along the entrance driveway.

“Telling Our Story”

A tall mosiac and steel marker has been placed in the middle of the commemorative pavers and bricks, dedicated to honor and highlight the lives and memories of those individuals linked to our community. This area, as was highlighted on May 20th with stories of individuals whose names were engraved on some of the pavers, will now be made even more visible with the addition of the signage. This first marker links us to Deuteronomy, (Devarim) with the phrase, Telling our Story.

 The marker was made from steel, then rusted to a patina that matched the Mishnah Garden sign. Further rusting will occur as the metal naturally weathers outdoors. The mosaic was made of stain glass used from the first mosaic on the Social Hall wall. The framing for the mosaic utilized a repurposed aluminum street sign.

Each of the 5 markers, linked to a book of the Torah, bear the Hebrew name and a phrase that connects the book to our synagogue.  The next monolith to be done will mark the Mishnah Garden area. It will be linked to Exodus, (Shemot) with the phrase Sowing Freedom.  Eventually, 3 more points on the grounds will be commemorated. One near the amphitheater, Numbers, (Bemidbar), Building Community and two that will mark certified backyard wildlife habitats, Genesis, (Bereshit), Beginning our Roots, and  Leviticus, (Vayikrah), Maintaining Holy Space.


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