March Madness in Adat’s Mishnah Garden

by: Frank Lipson and Cheryl Kollin

March was full of activity—growing activity that is as our warm spring emerged weeks ahead of time.  Over the March 17-18 weekend an enthusiastic group, young and old worked together in the Mishnah Garden to  clear away winter’s weeds,  and plant our spring crops: red and white potatoes, snap peas, and onions. We will harvest them later this spring.  A hard working crew met on a gorgeous Sunday afternoon to lay a thick mat of wood chips along the perimeter of the garden for pro-active weed control.

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Is That Winter Wheat?

We also tilled in winter wheat grown as a soil builder. Fred Pinkney, our garden maven always likes to experiment. He’s leaving one plot of winter wheat to harvest in June. How do you process wheat into flour? He doesn’t know yet and is looking for someone to step up and help all of us learn.

A Table Set For Salad

You’ve most likely served a garden salad at your table—check out the new Salad TableTM in the Mishnah Garden courtesy of Sam Ehrenstein, who is building salad tables as his Bar Mitzvah project.  He donated one to the Mishnah Garden and one for a community in need. Sam built the table using the University of Maryland’s design from its “Grow it Eat it”  web site.

In addition to a description of the salad table (a waist high 3 x 5 foot table for growing shallow rooted vegetables), the Grow it Eat it web site has a great planting calendar and a wealth of gardening information. Sam will explain how he built the Salad Table at April’s Open Table.

Open Table, Saturday, April 14

April’s Open Table will feature Jenna Umbriac, Manna Food Bank’s nutritionist who will discuss what’s best to plant for their clients. Come learn what veggies we need and how to grow them. Sam Ehrenstein will also show us how he constructed the salad table and ready to plant on Shabbat Breirot on March 31st. The Open Table is in the Library at 1pm, following the Oneg.

Join Us 

For additional information about our Garden Chug, or specific ways you can get involved in the Mishnah Garden this year, contact Cheryl Kollin We seek weekly Harvest Hosts, harvest deliverers to Manna, and a youth activity coordinator.


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