Little Red Hen Makes Mishnah Garden Bread for Shabbat Breirot

Making Mishnah Garden Bread started in Oct. 2011 when Fred Pinkney and menbers of our congregation planted winter wheat. The bread was baked and enjoyed during Shabbat Breirot on Sept. 22nd, 2012. That’s quite a long time to make some bread! Fred shares the process and recipe with us below.

Mishnah Garden Bread (modified from Irish Soda Bread)

Led by Fred Pinkney, Master Baker

The flour

1.  In October 2011, planted a 16 by 3 foot raised bed with winter wheat seeds

2.  In June 2012, cut off the seed heads when they were starting to lean over

3.  Threshed by hand (wearing gloves) to separate the seed heads from the stalk

4.  Winnowed with a screen and electric fan to separate the wheat from the chaff

5.  Ground into flour using a coffee grinder

6.  Stored in tightly sealed jars. Made 5 cups whole wheat flour.

The bread

Ingredients (for each loaf)

3 cups white bread or all-purpose flour, 1 cup Mishnah Garden® whole wheat flour

1 teaspoon salt, 4 teaspoons baking powder, ¼ cup white sugar, ¼ cup brown sugar

2 eggs, 1 cup milk, 4 tablespoons butter

Roughly 1 cup raisins, currants, or thinly sliced apples or combination


1. Sift dry ingredients together

2. Add fruit

3. Melt butter

4. Beat eggs and add to milk and butter

5. Mix wet and dry ingredients

6. Knead on a floured board and shape

7. Place on ungreased, floured baking sheet

8. Bake at 350 F for up to one hour, checking from time to time to get it just right


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