Is that a cucumber or squash plant?

New Mishnah Garden Signs

by: Cheryl Kollin

Next time you visit the Mishnah garden, you will be able to tell a cucumber from a squash plant, even before it sets its fruit. A hearty thanks to Sara Sennett, who created signs for our veggies and herbs. She used recycled materials from old metal street signs (obtained legally!), painted them and affixed them to wooden stakes for easy viewing.

Join us this Saturday, June 16th after the Oneg to place the signs including: basil, cilantro, parseley, sage, cucumbers, green beans, bell peppers, onions ,pumpkins tomatoes, zuchinni, banana peppers, white radishes, turnips, potatoes, snap peas, Bok choy, swiss chard, horseradish and winter wheat.


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