Derekh Ha’etz-Way of the Tree Dedication

On May 20, 2012 Adat Shalom members dedicated the beginning of what will become Derekh Ha’etz (“way of the tree”), a nature trail around the synagogue that will mark our outside space as sacred as our inside space. The trail will eventually mark five stops around the building, each tied to a book of the Torah.  Today, participants walked to three of these stops:  the Mishnah Garden, Gan HaKavod (our “Garden of Honor”) and the amphitheater (site of existing Eilat and Nature Trails).

The celebration included musical accompaniment by Pam Sommer’s group, Chords of Glory, our own AS musicians, and everyone who played an angklung (addictive Indonesian bamboo instrument, on loan from the Indonesian embassy).

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At the Mishnah Garden, Fred Pinkney led participants in a frenzy of summer vegetable planting. At Gan HaKavod, Sara Sennet unveiled a beautiful “monument marker” that she and others made (with support from Louis Tennenbaum) out of recycled road signs, stained glass and steel (wow!).   There were mockups at the other four stops, but a finished marker will be unveiled at Gan Hakavod.

In addition to admiring this marker at Gan Hakavod, we listened to the folks who purchased pavers and stones about them (with special thanks to Craig Lustig, Sara Sennet, Shelley Sadowsky, Haya Laufer, Sandy Perlstein, Jon Grossman and Louis Tennenbaum for thinking about Gan Hakavod in terms of community storytelling). During the year, under Bill Halpern’s leadership and with support of Land and Building, we’ll be developing the trail itself.

With thanks to Rabbi Fred, Naomi Edelson, Shelley Rudick, Fred Pinkney, Sheila Feldman, Louis Tenenbaum, Anya Schoolman, Cheryl Kollin, Marty Shore, Steve Shapiro, Sheila Blum, and Rabbi George for all the ground work so far.  Wonderful things to come…


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