November 6, 2011 Day of Learning, Gardening, Sharing with Community

Guest Reuben harvests a pumpkin almost has big as he is!

Although the last of this year’s Mishnah Garden harvest is in, join us for a flurry of learning, gardening, and sharing activities on Sunday, November 6th. Come for one activity, stay for lunch, or join us for all activities.

 10:00am-noon Clergy Series with Rabbi Fred “Engaging the World, Jewishly; Tikkun Olam, Interfaith Connections, and Eco-Theology”

Rabbi Fred’s recent doctoral and sabbatical studies covered this very ground, and he’s excited to bring the most interesting reflections back home to Adat Shalom. Join us to sample a variety of around-the-world views on how spirituality ignites and informs our efforts to save our planetary home — and how green actions and consciousness might just be what third-millennium religion needs.

 Noon-1pm potluck lunch and Garden Chug in the Social Hall

What better way to kick off our Gardening Chug and build friendship with our community partners, Groundwork Anacostia than to break bread together. Adat Shalom invites our Anacostia partners along with Adat’s Torah School students for a potluck lunch, provided by AS members. For home gardeners interested in composting food waste, Fred Pinkney will demonstrate his home composter, the Earth Machine, available for about $60. Composting at home has reduced his trash by about one-third. Bring a healthy lunch dish for six to share; RSVP to Elise Caplan,  with your lunch contribution and numbers attending.

 1-3pm Put the Mishnah Garden to Bed

Get your hands dirty and help put the Mishnah Garden to bed for the year. Groundworks Anacostia and AS teens will join AS members to clear out the old plants, add a truckload of manure and lots of home-made compost to ready the beds for spring. We will plant garlic to over winter for next summer’s harvest. We will also pull invasive plants around the native plant pollinator garden area.

Here’s a look back at Mishnah Garden cleanup 2010.

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