Mishnah Garden: July 9, 2011 –33 pounds smashes our previous record

Last Saturday, after the Oneg, people wandered over to the Mishnah Garden to see what all the fuss is about potatoes and beets.  Potato harvesting is a magical experience to me (I would feel differently if it was a full time job).  Once the plants start to fall over it’s time.  You may get one or two small potatoes by pulling up the root.  The big ones are hiding in the ground.  This year it was Pontiac Reds and Yukon Golds.  You just feel around in the ground with your hands–some are large, some small, some just right.  We had about 11 pounds this year.  Beets were planted a bit too close together so we had many small to medium sized roots still totalling 11 pounds.

I have a fall planting schedule. Another crop of beets (and other vegetables) can be planted around July 31 so we’ll have another chance around Sukkot.  So in case you are wondering, Sunday July 31 late afternoon is the next big planting event.

Elise Caplan, ace delivery person to Manna, gives the stats on our world record harvest, “I thought you would want to know that the the total dropped off at Manna today amounted to 33 lbs from the garden, plus 8 lbs from Fred’s and Cheryl’s gardens. This brings the total to 53 lbs of produce from just the mishnah garden having been delivered to Manna this year (plus about a pound or so that was brought to Open Arms.) Adding Fred’s and Cheryl’s contributions brings the total to 61 pounds!


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