Crying Over Horseradish

While Fred Pinkney led a crew to prepare the garden beds and plant seeds on March 20th  for our first spring harvest of 2011, Paula Lewis and I dug up horseradish roots from the plants that grew huge leaves all last summer. We clipped the tender small roots and replanted them (for 2012 harvest).

After scrapping away most of the soil we took them inside, washed the roots well, peeled them and with a whirl of the food processor turned a gangly looking root into lovely ground horseradish. We donned gloves to avoid the sting of this potent oil on our skin. But one sniff of the ground root brought us to tears–even more so than with cut onions. We mixed the grated root with a 50% vinegar water mixture and bagged and bottled about 15 samples for anyone– first come, first served.

The samples are in the kitchen’s first refrigerator. Look for small bags in the butter dish on the door and jars in the back of the top shelf. Help yourself  but watch out–it will tickle your nose and knock your socks off!  I can’t wait to try some with my home made gefilte fish for Pesach.

Cheryl Kollin

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One Response to “Crying Over Horseradish”

  1. Elaine Weiner March 24, 2011 at 2:36 pm #

    I used to make my own “chrain” until one year, our son opened the jar, took a big sniff and choked so hard that he couldn’t breathe. So, buyer beware. That stuff is potent!

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