In the age of the internet, I want to recommend two gardening books that should help.

1.  The Victory Garden.  The Essential Companion by Jim Wilson, Bob Thomson and Tom Wirth.  Hard cover, 894 pages, available at Amazon. com for less than $15.  Based on the PBS series of the same name.  Parts of it go through the gardening year month by month with great photos and drawings and lots of practical advice.  One nice feature is that the planting dates in the book are based on a last frost date of April 20, which is the date I’ve been using for Washington, DC-so no calculations are needed (unless I’m wrong about the last frost date for Washington, DC).  Not a purist as far as only organic fertilizers.

2.  The Vegetable Gardener’s  Bible, Edward Smith, 354 pages, ~$16 from Amazon.  Great review given by Adat Shalom gardener Debbie Demske, plus all his extended family writing reviews for Amazon (joking).

on the web, you can find most anything…

in google try gardening with kids, biblical gardens, building raised beds, etc.

Fred Pinkney


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