March 20th 2010 – Opening Day

March 20th marked the opening day of the Mishnah garden.

This Fall, two dozen energetic Adat Shalomers of all ages broke ground on the two 16′x20′ plots just beyond the Social Hall patio, tilling the soil and mixing in horse manure as fertilizer, relocating sod, and getting things ready for the spring.

And on a snowy Tu B’Shvat, just after we gave our new on-site composter its first rotation, Fred Pinkney sprinkled some sulfur over the garden, a first step toward adjusting the pH level of the soil.  Twenty pounds more would be added after the mountains of snow finally melted.  Kids received seedlings to nurture on their own then transplant into the Mishnah Garden come springtime, as well as parsley seeds to grow for their own Pesach seders.

On March 20th,  gold-ribboned pitchfork in hand, Rabbi Fred blessed the new garden with many members singing along — a real ‘Shehecheyanu’ moment. Fred Pinkney got everyone to work with a new planting board handmade by Sandy Perlstein.

Lots of people chipped in to make raised beds and tomato cages in the weeks before the opening.  Volunteers also helped move flagstone and dig the path toward the ampitheater, so we can start to make better eco-use of every corner of our grounds.


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