It is Harvest Time!

We’ve tasted the sweet first harvest of Adat’s Own Grown including sugar snap peas, lettuce, spring onions, and herbs from our Mishnah Garden. In July, veggies will be ready to harvest for Manna, our local food bank. Manna recipients are especially thrilled to receive fresh produce with their donations. We seek harvest hosts to lead the harvest each week. You don’t need to be a gardener to host a harvest!

Harvesting can either be done in conjunction with the Oneg Crew while they are setting up or after the Oneg. Harvesting should take no more than 30 minutes. If done with the Oneg Crew, a portion of the harvest should be washed and either added to the salads or served along side the other lunch dishes. The rest is boxed up unwashed for Manna.

We seek harvest hosts for every Shabbat and midweek during peak harvest in July, August, and September. Please contact Cheryl Kollin for more information and to sign up for specific dates.

What You Need as a Harvest Host:

  • A few volunteers—an announcement will be made at services and on the list serve seeking harvesters; recruit your family, friends, and people you meet at the oneg
  • Picking baskets from the kitchen
  • Gather by the social hall door at 1pm
  • A sense of fun!
  • Cardboard box to put the harvest in (provided to you)
  • The hand-off with a member who will drive the produce to Manna (arranged via email prior to harvest)

What You Don’t Need to be a Harvest Host:

  • Ph.D in agriculture
  • Overalls
  • Worry that you will pick the wrong thing
  • Advanced planning

What You Will Receive for Being a Harvest Host:

  • Fulfilling Tzedakah and Tikkun Olam in providing fresh food for Manna
  • Joy in harvesting the fruit of the earth—free tasting!
  • A little learning about gardening
  • Bringing our Jewish agricultural heritage to life for young and old alike

Resources Available for Harvest Hosts:

  • A list of what’s ready to be picked—sent to you via email by one of the Mishnah Garden organizers.
  • Instructions on how to pick particular veggies and herbs.
  • Optional activities for kids and adults to connect our Jewish agricultural heritage as a fun way to engage in the garden (sent to you via email prior to harvest if you desire). Activities created by the Kayam Farm at Pearlstone.
  • Phone and email support from the Mishnah Garden coordinators

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