The results indicate that Sukkot is on the radar screen of all the respondents, but not necessarily celebrated as a family in their own home.  55% of the congregation has never built a sukkah at home, but 35% state that they have special meals in someone’s sukkah most years. 15% do build a sukkah at their home every year, which for a liberal congregation is a sizeable amount. 67% of respondents have shaken lulav and etrog at least once and over 25% shake it most years.  Virtually no one has slept in a sukkah for at least one night.

When asked what the core message they took away from the Sukkot experience and teaching the following comments were made:

–       Even though I was unable to participate in any of the events I was made more aware of the environmental connection.

–       We need clean, healthy water to live, harvest, sustain life, complete exodus, fulfill peoplehood.

–       Adat Shalom is trying more creative things!  This is good!

–       I need to think about ways to conserve the environment in my everyday life.

–       There is a lot more that we could do to save water and the environment.

–       I learned the connection between Sukkot and water.

–       The Adat Shalom community is an incredibly thoughtful and creative community.

–       I learned a little about the water connection in Fred’s Shabbat/Sukkot teaching with the kids.  I LOVE the jewish/earth/calendar/full moon connections. It makes the whole thing organic and touchable.

–       I never thought about water as part of the Sukkot theme before.  I now have a new understanding.

–       I learned more about green behaviors we already do, but now I can put them in a Jewish framework.

–       I enjoyed the water/Sukkot emphasis, and will think about it next year

–       I learned a deeper appreciation for bringing nature into our prayer life

–       I learned a deeper appreciation of the natural rhythms and basis of our tradition

–       Sukkot’s many water themes make a perfect eco-friendly teaching moment

When asked how they would change their Sukkot observance next year because of the H2C2 programs this year, the following comments were made:

–       build a Sukkah and spend more time in it

–       Water test like that at the aquarium in our Sukkah

–       I felt inspired to build a Sukkah

–       Stay aware of the water and eco issues and design a Sukkah

–       Eliminate use of disposable paper goods

–       Think and buy with autumn/Sukkot in mind

–       Build our own Sukkah by our backyard pond (we’re working on establishing our own little ecosystem).

Other comments and suggestions that were made:

–       Make a check list for people to post on their refrigerator as a reminder of changes they might make

–       Especially for the kids I think it is great to continue reinforcing the earth cycle/natural phenomena connection to Jewish observance

–       It is great to have family oriented Jewish learning activities at Adat Shalom.  Keep adding more to the program.


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