Sukkot 2010-5771: ‘Ramp It Up’!

Sukkot in Tishrei with Yachad!

 On Sunday, September 26, 2010, thirty Adat Shalom congregants celebrated Sukkot in Tishrei in partnership with Yachad,  a DC nonprofit housing and community development organization.  The day was spent in the Fort Totten neighborhood of Washington, D.C building an accessibility ramp at an apartment building where Yachad is working to make units accessible and affordable.  Congregants of all ages came together to finish up the project which was begun earlier in the summer at Yachad’s Ramp it Up! summer program teaching teens constructions skills.  Rabbi Fred Dobb was on hand for the work and for a bit of Jewish learning about Sukkot and “tikkun olam.”   Volunteers worked long and hard, some even missing Sukkot parties in order to finish the project.  Thanks to all who helped out.  For more pics and information go to and scroll down to “A Ramp to Somewhere.” Also find out more about how you can get involved with Yachad’s projects at


Adat Shalomers schmoozing while constructing

Rabbi Fred proud of his hammer and nail action


Louis Tenenabaum instructs Rabbi Fred and volunteers on the finer points of construction


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