Journal Entry

The Shalosh Regalim (three pilgrimage festivals) are, are their name suggests, journeys.  Our ancestors came to Jerusalem from far and wide thrice yearly — at Sukkot, Pesach, and Shavuot — to celebrate together.  Now we can do the same online!  But all good journeys deserve a journal, in which we can enter our thoughts and feelings and learnings, and through which we can chart our growth.  Think about starting one now, dated “Sukkot 2009/5770,” to be added to in successive holiday seasons and years…

Here are some thought-starters to get the creative juices going for your initial journal entry.  Feel free to use one or more of these suggestions, or simply to write from your own heart and your own experience.  Please share your favorite sections/reflections, below, by posting them in the discussion section of the blog!

Create a journal entry around:

1. Putting up a sukkah

2. The Lulav and Etrog

3. Which guests did you invite to your sukkah?

4. The aquarium visit

5. Adat Shalom

6. Visiting other Sukkot

7. Water connections

8. Favorite Sukkot memories

9. Crazy sukkot experiences (raging wind, hail, insects, other plagues, etc..)

10. Hoshana Raba


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