We’d like to offer you some conversation starters to get the creative juices going for your collage.  Feel free to use one fo these suggestions! Completed collages  will be displayed in the halls of Adat Shalom, as well as posted as a picture on this blog!

Create a family collage around:

1. Putting up a sukkah

2. The Lulav and Etrog

3. Which guests did you invite to your sukkah?

4. The aquarium visit

5. Adat Shalom

6. Visiting other Sukkot

7. Water connections

8. Favorite Sukkot memories

9. Crazy sukkot experiences (raging wind, hail, insects, other plagues, etc..)

10. Hoshana Raba

For some inspiration, check out this link to Flickr’s Collage collection.  Click HERE

(p.s. parents, please preview the images as the content is always changing, and there may be some unsuitable images for the children)


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