The festival of booths…  the fall harvest holiday…  the recollection of our 40 years of wandering…  the celebration of water…  the wrap-up to a crazy Tishrei-full of holidays…  the excuse for a party or a nice get-together…  Sukkot is all this and more.

This year (5771/2010) on Sukkot, we’re taking the chag’s themes of impermanence and living structures seriously, and putting in an access ramp at a low-income housing complex in Northeast DC.  Details within this Sukkot tab, under “2010: Ramping It Up”.

Last year on Sukkot, Adat Shalom focused not just the green aspects of the festival, but specifically on the many connections with water.  Our program, which is worth revisiting in 5771 and beyond, consisted of:

  • Tots & Teens in the Sukkah after the oneg on Sat. Oct 3 (a chance for intergenerational learning between these important age groups)
  • Aquarium field trip
  • Sukkah happenings in individual Adat Shalom Villages
  • Shabbat, Shemini Atzeret, and Simchat Torah all in one “dance with the Torah fest”
  • Once-a-year Tefillat Geshem, our prayer for rain.

On these pages, you’ll find lots of ideas and resources for a meaningful, earth-friendly, water-conscious, communal Sukkot.  Please spend some time poking around here, hopefully with a child or a friend or with someone else who brings their different perspective to the festival.  And please use the blog response boxes to share your ideas, thoughts, and contributions to the dialogue.  Enjoy!  Chag sameach!


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