TUESDAY, MAY 18th — on the evening of Shavuot, we traditionally stay up late and study Torah; this year, at our first-ever GREEN TIKKUN Leil Shavuot, over 100 congregants came together to focus on the intersection of the Torah of our people with the Torah of the Earth.  There were lots of text and thought-provoking discussion, both from clergy and from members; lots of cheesecake and other ‘traditional’ dairy/vegetarian Shavuot foods; lots of ways to understand why this hidden gem of a day is one of the three key pilgrimage festivals of the year.

All were welcome to stay into the wee hours — the vast majority stayed until 11:00 pm, we had a minyon until 1:30 am and then several stayed for another hour!.

Environmental professionals from the congregation — we have 59 of them! – gather for a pre-Tikkun connecting-brainstorming-celebrating dinner…The group created their own listserve and several individuals have stepped forward to take this group to the next level.

Green Tikkun L’ayl Shavuot

18 May 2010, 6 Sivan 5770

Adat Shalom

5:30-9:10 babysitting provided (by Danya Firestone and David Malamud)

Cheesecake, coffee, and fine chocolate available all night long


7:00     Introducing our Green Tikkun – Rabbi Fred of Adat Shalom, and Jakir Manela of the Pearlstone Center (Reiserstown MD)’s Kayam Farm

7:30     Adults:  Jakir Manela, “Agriculture and Torah”;  Kids:  Israeli Dancing with Malka Kutnick

8:00     Adults:  Cantor Rachel, “The River and the Apple Tree: Exodus”;  Kids:  More Dancing, plus Snack

8:30     Ma’ariv — in the amphitheater, at sunset (weather permitting)

9:00      Snack/Break #1 (yummies will stay out for the rest of the tikkun)

9:15     Rabbi Sid, “Jewish Foundational Principles: A text study”

9:45     Rabbi George, “Re-Reading Ruth”

10:12   Break/Snack #2

10:30   Multiple Members’ Musings  (learnings from congregants on the intersection between Torah and ecology; lineup subject to change) — with short reflections from Rabbi Fred and Jakir Manela:

* * * * Susan Kimmel:         Sustainable Cities: From the Migrash of the Levites to Smarter Growth for DC

* * * * Bill Kramer:            “Torah and the Origins of Sustainability”

* * * * Cheryl Kollin:         “Ein Kemach, Ein Torah” (Where there is no flour, there is no Torah; Where there is no Torah, there is no flour — from Pirkei Avot) — Food Justice and Access

* * * * Louis Tenenbaum:   Moon, Agricultural Cycles, and Chagim

* * * * David Sieradski:     “Honi the Circle-Maker: Magical Manipulation of the Climate?”

12:00         Jakir Manela, “In the Garden at Midnight”  (accompanied by the breaking out of the evening’s best chocolate)

12:45 am   Rabbi Fred, “Taking Eco-Judaism to the Next Level”

1:30 am     Final Reflections & Clean-Up & Wrap-Up

2:00 am     Go home!  And be back at 9:30 for Shacharit…


Shavuot Shacharit Service

9:30 am – Wednesday,  19 May 2010,  6 Sivan 5770

  • Hallel, and other joyous bits of festival liturgy, some in special “shalosh regalim” nusach
  • Revelation:  Torah and Haftarah readings around zman matan Torateinu, receiving Torah
  • Yizkor, our four-times-a-year chance to remember those who are no longer with us
  • Festive oneg with all your favorite sinful dairy Shavuot foods, including more cheesecake

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