Why Was this Night Different from All Other Nights?

Five auction winners+ 8 lbs. of trout+ 4 bottles of wine= 54 pieces of Gefilte Fish

by: Cheryl Kollin

Five auction winners, 8 lbs. of trout, 4 bottles of wine, 54 pieces of Gefilte Fish and three hours of great fun during the Gefilte Fish and horseradish making class at my house on erev Pesach 2012. Many thanks to the students, Rachel Greenberg, Max Brandy, Shelley Sadowsky, Deena Goldsmith, and Cheryl Silver. We laughed, we mixed, we chopped, we sipped wine, we rolled, we cried (grating horseradish), and we tasted–just like Bobe used to make fish! Everyone took some home for their seders and families.  Thanks again to the auction organizers for making this such a fun activity.

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Here’s what the students said:

I’m bizarrely proud of our accomplishments last night–keep admiring my little creations and the gorgeous hue of the horseradish! –Cheryl Silver

This was all so delicious and so fun!! My family and I were eating gefilte fish and horseradish at 10:30 on Wednesday night because we couldn’t wait. The process was as wonderful as the outcome. It was fun to share this with all of you. Cheryl you are a great teacher and cook.–Deena Goldsmith

Jerry and I finished off the last two pieces of fish yesterday (Monday), and it was still totally fine! So, Cheryl, you really got some fresh trout at Balducci’s! Thanks so much again for all the care and conscientiousness that went into your hosting, teaching and recipe tweaking. I hope you’ll consider offering the gf class again in next year’s AS auction! –Shelley Sadowsky


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