Thought Starters

These are the questions we posed on the eco-justice boat ride on 3/21/10 — but even if you weren’t with us then, think of the economically and socially challenged neighborhoods (here or abroad) that you’ve seen, and think of the environmental vulnerability that is often those residents’ reality — and this Pesach season, ask yourselves (or each other at the seder!) these questions:

1)       We’ve seen lots of modern ‘plagues’; which are the ‘priority plagues,’ the ones that might be up for inclusion in a new Urban Haggadah?

2)       Where do we each locate ourselves in the story of these plagues – how much are we random Egyptian bystander, how much Pharoah’s courtiers propping up an unjust regime, how much resigned Israelite slaves, and how are we much Moses’ organizing crew?

3)    What are we doing to bring about redemption?  What will we do?!


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