The tree planting, ivy clearing, water excursions, conversations with the
Anacostia Watershed Society people and the mix of kids, teens and adults
this past Sunday made for one of the most meaningful experiences I have had
as a member of the Adat Shalom community. Thanks to all who made it happen!

My congratulations to the event organizers. The pictures don’t do
justice to how fine it was. And to the Adat Shalomers who came, worked
hard, and, I trust, enjoyed the river trip afterward.

I think you got the balance just right.  My family needs active learning, but the framing at the start gave the activities context.

I thought the Anacostia folks were FANTASTIC!  If we work our way through the plagues, Frogs – G-d created a swarm of frogs that came up out of the Nile river and covered the land of Egypt, infesting Egyptian houses. (Shemot or Exodus 7:26-8:11) Can we do something with Amphibians or with biospheres or the insects that are invasive – like hanging those purple boxes etc. I do like the water…so lets see.

Very well thought-out, including an evaluation aimed at continuing improvement.
Kol Ha Kavod to all the organizers!

We saw beaver and turtles, cormorants, osprey and a deer jumping across the water.

I had a great time. I thought the balance was perfect- a little talking in the morning and then a lot of doing.  To me the multi-gen approach was perfect- hope it worked for those with smaller kids. It’s hard to say what was best- being new to the area I was so interested by the history and to see the natural beauty…But I think what I liked best was the blend of text and doing, and especially the blending in of the AS’ers and the AWS’ers, so to speak- the connection and relationships between Jim and the members of the congregation who helped out with AWS were great…. next year, I think it would be fun to organize a contingent to get there by bike….I think making that an annual tradition with the AWS folks would be the way to go… we can bring a little boat of reeds next time….

Very interesting possibility.  Thanks for thinking of it.    It was a very nice event.  My experience is very limited by not  having gotten on the water.   One idea that occurred to me is that a 3rd activity be created with less physical demands, I.e., litter cleanup or the like, for people who just can’t “dig or pull”.   It’s very unfortunate about the temp.  10 degrees warmer would have been a totally different day.   Something I liked about last year is that I thought there was much  more learning.  I know the text study was intended to create some  balance but I would have liked more.   All said, I especially liked these programs because I get to meet new ASers whom I didn’t know.

We had clergy and TS ED teaching adults and children from sacred text, we sang in Hebrew about the relationship between justice and peace, turned our spiritual energy into tikkun olam, and then had fun in nature, without ipods or laser tag. We were miles from a classroom. Pretty amazing!!

I had fun.  I liked the canoes.

I saw a bald eagle!

Thank you to all of the organizers – what a joyful mixing of spiritual and physical. All of the children really loved the planting as well as the kayaking and canoeing. And the AWS staff who guided and taught us really knew how to communicate their passion and talent for the environment to adults and children. We should do this spring, summer, and fall.

Thanks for putting together this great event (with lots of help I know). I especially enjoyed being on the pontoon boat with Jim Foster.  All in all a great day.


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