Anacostia Eco Justice Trip 2011-5771

On the week before Passover,  85 Adat Shalomers, ages 8 through adult, met at Bladensburg Waterfront Park.  The purpose of the day was to understand “modern day plagues” afflicting the Anacostia Watershed from a new perspective (river level!) and to start doing something to improve the state of the river.   By combining action and study, we gained a new appreciation for Judaism, for the preservation of our waterways, for the ecosystems and human communities which surround them, and for our role in the stewardship of Creation.

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We started with insights from Jewish texts with advanced questions for adults and more introductory questions for families.

We then divided into groups to pull invasive species and plant native ones.

Our day was capped off by seeing the Anacostia River from the vantage point of kayaks, canoes and pontoons.  We saw what people have done to the river and the beauty that could be restored.

With much appreciation to the Anacostia Watershed Society…here’s what we got out of the experience: reviews.


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