Read about our big activity, the eco-justice pre-Pesach boat tour, here.

DOWNLOAD YOUR OWN 4-PAGE ECO-HAGGADAH HELPER, HERE!:   Eco-Haggadah-Helpers Adat Shalom 5770-2010

The Festival of Freedom, the Feast of Matzah, the early Spring harvest festival, the first holiday of the biblical year, the best-attended event in modern Jewish life, the crazy-making time of having nary a crumb of bread, the time for the verdant love poetry of Shir HaShirim, the week of more potato and egg consumption than one thought was possible — Pesach!   Shortly before the festival, we went on an eco-justice field trip and explored the plagues and other Pesach themes in a whole new way.   During Pesach observance, we offered a whole bunch of seder-starter readings and activities to give the seder  both a green and a communal tint….


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