Lag B’omer Festival 5770

Lag B’Omer Festival 5770



  • Garden Workfest
  • Midrash improv, with educator from Teva
  • Gevurot Yisrael / Israeli heroes with Erran Carmel  and Haya Laufer
  • Eco-Judaism Q & A, with Rabbi Fred
  • Creative Climate Wisdom to Blow your Mind with Teva
  • CSAs with Jean & Jim Hochron
  • Montgomery Victory Gardens with Gordon Clark
  • Decorate a biblical species bed in the garden with Cathy Gruber
  • Storytelling  with Malka Kutnick, Shari Book, and Marla Zipin
  • Plastic newspaper bag challenge with Susan Kimmel, Rachel Sieradzki, Myrna Goldenberg, Mia Carmel
  • Blessings and Buying Power: Food, Spirit, Ethics with Teva
  • Make a Solar Oven; Bake Chocolate with Teva
  • Bow and Arrow games with Jay Marks
  • Klezmer / Israeli Dance with Klezmer dance teacher Steve Weintraub, and Adat Shalom friends
  • Rainbarrel building workshop — with local rainbarrel expert Jason Pope of the Alice Ferguson Foundation
  • Fire-building — with Chick Rybeck
  • Daily Consumption Choices: Eco-Shopping and Torah Values with Teva
  • “Pirkei Avot (Ethics of the Ancestors) & You” with Cantor Rachel

S’mores and Kumsitz — with Cantor Rachel, Noah Guthman, Stephanie Firestone, Ivan Stengel and others

Cheer Rabbi Fred & others , right at 1:15, by the composter, as  they shave their Omer beards (!). Then join the Kumsitz!


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