Lag B’omer Festival 5771

Before the start of the festival (please see schedule below), we unveiled a mockup of the Mishnah Garden Sign, the Biblical Mosaic, and a photo of our new solar panels.

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4:00-4:45 Session 1    
 Lag B’omer songs and stories Stories and songs for young people Chaya Silver Alford, Mark and David Malamud
Breaking Bread Let’s discuss our agrarian roots, alchemy, and Jewish traditions while we engage all of our senses in the art of bread making. Cheryl Kollin
Agreeing to Disagree Lessons From the Mishnah and Talmud.” David Sieradzki
Bows and Arrows Test your shooting skills: elementary school and up Jay Marks
Solar Energy for the home We have panels for our shul, now get them for your own home! Gerry Ehrenstein and Beth Kaufman
Pirke Avot: Ethics of the Ancestors The top hits of ethical behavior according to our Mishnaic (ca. 200 CE) rabbinic ancestors Cantor Rachel
5:00-5:45 Session 2    
Let’s Count Out Ways to Reduce Stress Educated people are very conscious of stresses that are beyond our control.  Learn ways to keep stress at bay for holidays, Shabbat and daily life. Sharon Baranson
Lag Ba’omer v’Gvura Israeli vs American perception of heroism Haya Laufer and Professor Gideon Samid
Bows and Arrows Test your shooting skills: elementary school and up Jay Marks
Eating the Harvest  Ethical, Kosher, Healthy:  Motivation for leaning into a plant-based diet Michelle Berkovitz
Walk the Torah with Rabbi Fred Walk the talk (all ages welcome) Rabbi Fred
Lag B’Omer and the Courage to Study in Spite of Adversity: The Power of Environmental Study in the Middle East How the Arava Institute for Environmental Studies results in environmental activism and human connections among “the others” regardless of the historical narratives which traditionally divide them. Karen and Barry Fierst

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