Lag B’Omer

We got ready for revelation at our Outdoor Lag B’Omer Festival (see notes, and Mat Tonti’s awesome comic ‘zine, under “III” in the menu to the right) — and now it’s time for the late spring harvest festival; the anniversary of receiving Torah at Sinai; the dairy-and-caffeine feast; the excuse for a literally all-night study-eat-talk-fest; the chance to reflect on Ruth; and much more.  Shavuot starts this year Tuesday eve, May 18th, with our first-ever GREEN TIKKUN LEIL SHAVUOT!!!

Schedule follows.  Bring your friends, a hearty appetite, a willingness to stay as late as you can, and a desire to learn — we’ll provide Torah and teachers, cheesecake and chocolate, ecology and entertainment.  See you Tuesday night!

Green Tikkun L’ayl Shavuot

18 May 2010, 6 Sivan 5770

Adat Shalom


5:30-9:10 babysitting provided (by Danya Firestone and David Malamud)

Cheesecake, coffee, and fine chocolate available all night long


7:00     Introducing our Green Tikkun – Rabbi Fred of Adat Shalom, and Jakir Manela of the Pearlstone Center (Reiserstown MD)’s Kayam Farm

7:30     Adults:  Jakir Manela, “Agriculture and Torah”;  Kids:  Israeli Dancing with Malka Kutnick

8:00     Adults:  Cantor Rachel, “The River and the Apple Tree: Exodus”;  Kids:  More Dancing, plus Snack

8:30     Ma’ariv — in the amphitheater, at sunset (weather permitting)

9:00      Snack/Break #1 (yummies will stay out for the rest of the tikkun)

9:15     Rabbi Sid, “Jewish Foundational Principles: A text study”

9:45     Rabbi George, “Re-Reading Ruth”

10:12   Break/Snack #2

10:30   Multiple Members’ Musings  (learnings from congregants on the intersection between Torah and ecology; lineup subject to change) — with short reflections from Rabbi Fred and Jakir Manela:

* * * * Susan Kimmel:         Sustainable Cities: From the Migrash of the Levites to Smarter Growth for DC

* * * * Bill Kramer:            “Torah and the Origins of Sustainability”

* * * * Cheryl Kollin:         “Ein Kemach, Ein Torah” (Where there is no flour, there is no Torah; Where there is no Torah, there is no flour — from Pirkei Avot) — Food Justice and Access

* * * * Louis Tenenbaum:   Moon, Agricultural Cycles, and Chagim

* * * * David Sieradski:     “Honi the Circle-Maker: Magical Manipulation of the Climate?”

12:00         Jakir Manela, “In the Garden at Midnight”  (accompanied by the breaking out of the evening’s best chocolate)

12:45 am   Rabbi Fred, “Taking Eco-Judaism to the Next Level”

1:30 am     Final Reflections & Clean-Up & Wrap-Up

2:00 am     Go home!  And be back at 9:30 for Shacharit…


Shavuot Shacharit Service

9:30 am – Wednesday,  19 May 2010,  6 Sivan 5770


  • Hallel, and other joyous bits of festival liturgy, some in special “shalosh regalim” nusach
  • Revelation:  Torah and Haftarah readings around zman matan Torateinu, receiving Torah
  • Yizkor, our four-times-a-year chance to remember those who are no longer with us
  • Festive oneg with all your favorite sinful dairy Shavuot foods, including more cheesecake

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